Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bamboo Limbs

I've taken a gamble and ordered some Recurve Bamboo Limbs from Custom Built Archery. Will certainly be writing up about these when I receive them as there doesn't seem to be many reviews around.

Update: No bamboo limbs for me, they are out of stock, so I've gone for SF Fibre Foam instead, I'll write up how I get on with them. At the moment though, I've pulled my shoulder so I'm having a bit of trouble pulling them through my clicker. Might have to drop them down to 28 lb as my bow is maxed out.

It's quite interesting that under a year ago I was pulling 18lb's and now I'm on 30lb's - I'll probably stop at these and see how I get on with the longer distances in the Summer.

I suppose I could still order the Bamboo ones and use them for Field Archery, hmm watch this space ...

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