Friday, 25 April 2014

Garden Archery Range

Home Made Archery Range
The garden archery range is slowly happening. My partner and I have been busy over the Easter weekend. Some of the arches are up, some netting added and borders dug. I was a bit worried about the birds flying into the netting so I've hung up some cd's until the plants get going and left a gap at the bottom so that the blackbirds can still run around. I've planted lots of clematis for a more permanent structure, the morning glory seeds are planted and waiting to grow in the greenhouse and I've got some willow to put in. It actually looks much longer in this picture than it really is. The finished range is only going to be about 10 yards so that I can improve my grouping and work on my technique but I'm looking forward to trying it out and maybe at a later date I might extend it. I'll also be shooting down at the target and placing a back net behind it. Our garden slopes upward and backs onto a field (plus we have that huge sycamore tree), so I am not too worried about the length. However, the width is not ideal so I'm taking no chances and planting loads of climbers to make a natural barrier over the netting. I just hope it grows quick!

For now, I'll be happy shooting at a shorter distance and hopefully I won't annoy my neighbours too much. I'm looking forward to the Summer.

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