Saturday, 2 August 2014

A Year On ...

Beacon Archers Club Championships
Sherjit, Lee, Maria, Dean
Well a year on and I've won the ladies' championships at Beacon Archers. My score was 715 for the 60/50/40 yards (and it was raining), so I was well pleased with that and we have another competition coming up at the end of August, hopefully I can beat my score. 

I have made a change in my technique though - lining up the string with my bow (which is what you are supposed to do).  This has resulted in me having to adjust my sight as I am now shooting quite far right. I've made this change so that I am more accurate at the longer distances. Hopefully I will get to practise a bit before the competition. Before, I was just making sure my bow was vertical and then just shooting but I really felt that I needed to progress in order to improve my accuracy, time will tell. I was more of an instinctive shooter but now my little motto is "under the chin, line the string' quick and easy to remember. I hope I can still shoot as fast as I have been.

This morning I am going to experiment with my sight. At the moment, in order to reach 70, I have to aim above the target. I'm hoping that by turning my sight upside down I might actually be able to aim properly. I missed out on a Quantum Archery competition last weekend because I didn't think it was worth entering, but there is nothing worse than watching other people shoot without taking part, so for the next one I'm hoping I can reach the target with my sight upside down. I mentioned not being able to sight on the target to a very nice coach from the University of Warwick who said that I needed to work on my bow arm - what's all that about! But, I will take the advice anyway :)

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