Saturday, 23 November 2013

Target Testing

Home Archery Range
I set up a small archery range at home by putting up the boss in my kitchen with a piece of plywood behind and also a square piece of wood. I also hung up an old decorating blanket on top of my kitchen units. The distance from the lounge to the kitchen was about 10 yards. I started to use my paper targets with my training bow which is just 15 to 18 lbs. After a few sessions the boss started to wear away in the middle but I carried on moving the target around so that it wasn't that close. Shooting over the couch and through doorways is certainly different - just in case you're wondering I was alone in the house. My first session using my targets was very good and I was pleased at how well the paper targets lasted.

However, I decided to mount the paper targets onto foam board with spray adhesive.  These lasted a lot longer and also saved my boss a bit more.

I also mounted a FITA target onto foamboard and tested that out too, but it didn't last half as long as my own as there is only one centre target.
Then I  bought my new Intermediate bow which is 24 lbs. All the targets took a new hammering and, in less than 2 weeks (at only an hour or so a day) my boss was useless. 

The arrows went straight through the boss, my plywood, and stuck into the wood. Really disappointed at the boss, will definitely not buy another one like this.

End of testing - for now.
Back of boss

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