Saturday, 7 December 2013

Back with a Vengeance

Side view of boss.
Decided to use every spare inch of my boss and (after shooting a hole in the kitchen cupboard) tried to save it a bit more with insulation and wooden boards behind.

Arrows straight through the boss
and insulation foam.
Arrows are still going through where the target is getting worn, but it's certainly a lot better now and hopefully I won't keep hitting the wood behind and have to keep replacing the nocks that seem to be shattering.

Target face pinned to scrap foamboard.
Grouping is definitely getting better and I've now fitted a clicker to my bow - one that attaches just behind the sight as I haven't got a recess for an extension plate. Even though this is a Hoyt Excel, I gather it's because this is a 23" riser (my choice as it is perfect for my small hands). Another small grumble is that the handle grip is really uncomfortable and I have had to tape it up! Had a bit of trouble with the clicker at first as the allen key didn't fit and it kept moving about. Visited Bowsports in Wolverhampton and they very kindly found one that fit for me. Result!

Grouping getting better.
My beautiful bow.

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