Monday, 27 January 2014

Creating a Target Stand

As my kitchen is a little small for shooting, occasionally we get to shoot in a warehouse. I'm not very good at making things, but my partner is pretty good so he made us a stand for our new bosses. The hard foam targets are sooo much better. We bought 2 and put one behind the other.

3 pieces of wood
Saw off 2 pieces at an angle

This is the top of the stand
Saw off 2 of the pieces at an angle to sit on the floor
the other piece needs to be cut off also and will be for the back
It should look like this
Mark out where you want the bottom of your boss to sit
Drill and screw 2 pieces to the outside front legs
Screw the tops together
Drill holes and thread rope through to strengthen
Target Stand Up and Ready

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