Monday, 27 January 2014

Basic Guide to Arrow Fletching

I think I must be doing something wrong as my fletchings just keep coming off. It's either me, or the arrows are not clearing the arrow rest. I did a 5 hour session in a cold warehouse and ended up with a handful coming off. Anyway, here is a beginner's guide to replacing fletchings with a fletching jig.

Basic Setup
First you need to clean off your arrow, so remove any glue with a penknife and then clean off the arrow with acetone or alcohol etc.

Set up your fletching jig and measure the distance from the notch. Mine is 1.1cm to the bottom of the remaining fletchings. I also marked my jig with a "Sharpie" so that I always start with the cock feather.

Put the nock into the jig at the bottom.
Put the cock feather in the big
magnetic clip, with the big end
nearest the "1".
Cock Feather

Glue along the edge with proper fletching glue and put the cap back on the glue - quick.
Put the big clip back onto the jig and push it onto the arrow shaft.
Leave it for a while and then remove the big clip carefully. Turn the knob at the bottom ready for the next one.

I hope this helps other "newbies" like myself.

Last Fletching

Ps.  I've since found out that if you think you have clearance problems you can dust your arrows with spray talc to see if it comes off after you've shot your arrows and you can move the nock point slightly round to rectify this.

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