Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bow Vibration Problems (Blog Part 3)

What a weekend. Tried to tune up my bow last Saturday, increased the brace height in increments and ended up at maximum with the help of Jenny at Beacon Archers (still bow vibration) and did some bareshaft tuning at 20 yards, to see where my arrows would go - way, way left - in fact they went into the next target. Adjusted the plunger button to the weakest it would go and managed to get the bareshafts onto the same target, but they are still shooting left. I thought a bit more research was in order and found that if I put in some heavier arrow points in this should weaken the arrow a bit, I haven't done this yet as I thought I was on the weakest spring on my plunger button, but as it happens it's fitted with the medium spring. Anyway, had Bob at Beacon archers look at my limb alignment and it was slightly off. Funny that, the chap at Merlin said my riser wasn't very good. There is no way for me to adjust limb alignment on the 23" Hoyt Elite riser. This could account for the Bow Vibration problems, so I'm still not really happy with my set up. Missed the Frostbite as I wanted to continue tuning up my bow, but I'm still no further forward.

Things have changed a bit since last weekend:

email to my club

So, I've got a new riser! Only problem now is that the poundage will be 30lbs on this one unless I adjust the tiller, but I'm leaving it as it is for now as it feels more or less the same. I'll test my pulling weight when I start shooting. I haven't touched the limb alignment as it looks okay and hopefully I've set up the centre shot correctly. Just need to see where the arrows go now for some further tuning. I've still got the weaker spring in the plunger to put in if needed and those heavier arrow points. I would imagine I'll end up changing both but we'll see. Hope it's not too slow.

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