Friday, 9 January 2015

New Limbs, New Stabiliser, Tiller Adjustment and Still Bow Vibration

This is really a continuation of my last post, where I've messed up my bow by adjusting tiller, or so I thought.

So I went to Merlins and tried some 28lb limbs which is 30lb on my bow and shot a few arrows. The guy there was really, really helpful and adjusted my tiller and checked alignment etc for a few ££'s. But, I found this really to be the same strength as before on my SF Elite Fibre Foam limbs so I upped it to 30lb making 32lb on my 23" riser with some SF Elite Carbon Foam limbs. Much, much better. What a difference and I can pull back properly without changing the clicker. The guy said that there wasn't much play in tiller adjustment so that's probably why I was having trouble with the 32lb limbs, 34lb on my bow. So all set - apart from the recurve wobble after each shot. A decent stabiliser (around £65.00) was bought and this has helped but still there is wobble, so the problem is still there.

The frostbite was cancelled (it was just an unplanned one), which is good in a way as I still wasn't happy and was having to use my old arrows. Yesterday, I went to Bowsports which is way nearer than Merlin for me and got measured up properly for some new ACC arrows (I've been using Eclipse). I was going to order these on-line having looked at the Easton Arrow Chart but wasn't sure what poundage I was actually pulling. I thought I was pulling around 30lb as most limbs are based on 28" and my arrows were 27" (2 lb off for every inch lost, or on for every 2 lb over). So this was pretty borderline between group T2 (24-29lbs) and T3 (30-35lbs). I was going to go for the T3 group 3L-04's as I'm aiming for 32lb so that I can reach the 70 yards without having to turn my sight upside down and once I got used to my limbs I'm pretty sure I will be, but thought if I was wrong this is a pretty expensive mistake. So Bowsports measured me up. My actual draw is 26.5 but my pulling weight is 32lb as I overdraw - I draw back to just under my chin but use the corner of my mouth as my natural anchor. Good news for me as I've reached my target poundage. I now have 27" arrows and was told to put my clicker back as it should be in line with the riser, mine is about an inch out although I don't use this religiously.

Easton ACC's
Now for the interesting part about the Bow wobble. This isn't a little vibration, the limbs violently wobble about for about 2-3 seconds after each shot. I've been reading on the internet and this article was quite helpful. Most people seem to think that it's the brace height, arrows, string or tiller.  I'm ruling out the tiller as this has been set up and checked by Merlin. I set up the brace height during tuning quite some time ago, and this still remains the same but could have possibly changed, as I have increased my bow weight. However, I am hoping it is the arrows so I'm not going to change anything until I've tested these out, hopefully later today or tomorrow. I'll let you know, but for now I need to make up my arrows. I usually buy bare shafts and do the rest myself (saves a few ££'s and I enjoy it). Fingers crossed it's the arrows and I can go straight onto bareshaft tuning.

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